Website Update History

Mar 25, 2018

Version 4.1

What's New In Version 4.1

  • Header changed to a blue background & buttons changed to white to improve visibility.

  • All font changed to a theme of either Futura or Roboto Bold.

  • Name field added for email subscribe form at bottom of website.

  • Home screen changed to add a "Merritt Island Matrix" banner and a scrolling gallery of team photos.

  • Quick links on home screen have been removed to provide a more user friendly interface.

  • Inspect element feature disabled for copyright purposes.

  • Right click disabled for copyright purposes.

  • Admin console is now available for the notebook team to access and includes embedded attendance system.

  • Scrolling message in the header has been removed. From now on any news will posted on the news page, or if it's important, will be added into the home screen slideshow.

  • The date and time stamp in the header have been removed.

  • Mobile menu changed to be more functional.

  • A total of 42 bugs and performance problems have been fixed

There are still some performance problems with the mobile site that we are working on. While some of the bugs have been fixed, please allow us more time to fix the remainder of the issues. As with all significant website updates, there will always be bugs to be fixed out in the beginning. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience!

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